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Hipermetropía en niños desaparece


    îmbunătățirea exercițiului vizual pentru a îmbunătăți

    Together with the body eliminate toxinsand other compounds and metals, even lead compounds. Irradiation disease sufferers feel an improvement in health status after just one week to start using heel cushions - people sensitive to sunlight a better support - often appears repulsion towards smoking - disappear painful urination sensation - is reduce prostate adenoma size - isregulates kidney - yellowing skin color gets normal when jaundice - to regulate blood glucose levels high and swinging at the start of glucose is an increase in the level and scale oscillations.

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    In patients with diabetes insulin dependent decreased consumption of insulin, becausethe rise in the bloodstream has been a more efficient use of insulin - it regulates pancreas - lowers cholesterol - it improves gastrointestinal disorders - disorders disappear balance by increasing the vestibular apparatus after only five days of use - if the pain disappears sciaticii, lombago osteoporosis - is a noticeablecalming influence on the nervous system, insomnia disappears, anxiety, - headache disappears - intellectual capabilities are improving, even with Alzheimer's disease - many allergies disappear - there is self-cleaning sinuses - disappears quickly elevated temperature; - female genital inflammations disappear, impotence and frigidity - exerciseit beneficial influence on children with cerebral palsy in the case of Parkinson's disease - improves to especially in hyperopia - many women with breast cancer, after 10 days to see a reduction in lymph nodes.

    En collaboration avec l'organisme à éliminer les toxineset d'autres hipermetropía en niños desaparece et des métaux, même les composés du plomb.

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    Junto con el cuerpo a eliminar toxinasy otros compuestos y los metales, incluso los compuestos de plomo.